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Celebrate the Success of FIFA – With the
lens of Culture

Pakistan Engineers forum Qatar, one of the leading forums for professionals and engineers in Qatar, organised an event to celebrate with a purpose to highlight the Success of the FIFA world cup 2002, Qatar and to appreciate and keep motivated Pakistani Professional Volunteers in addition to displaying the cultures of Pakistan.
General Secretary of PEF, Mr Shabber Ali, began the first segment of the event, which was related to the recognition of volunteers by presenting a certificate of appreciation. The National Anthem of Qatar and Pakistan was sung with full enthusiasm, followed by thrilling FIFA official songs.
Mr Ashraf Siddique, a well-known journalist and a veteran volunteer, explained the journey of Success. Volunteering is a passion for serving fellow humans by putting oneself in challenging situations and tests, but the passion keeps a volunteer strong and moving forward.
Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy was established in 2011; one of the significant objectives before SC was also to connect with the nationals and expatriate communities in Qatar for their training and development required for the Success of the World Cup, for preparation of 20,000 Volunteers, but on the national level.
It was a dream; to be part of the world’s top sporting event without travelling away to be part of the FIFA World Cup. The beauty of the World Cup Qatar was that our significant number of brilliant and energetic Pakistani volunteers played leading roles; the Pakistani community in Qatar should be proud of them.
Fahad Ismail, a member of Pakistani Pioneer volunteers, explained that they always remained at the forefront of providing their volunteer services; the community FIFA support journey started in 2019 when SC required some lead volunteers to manage the 24th Arabian Gulf cup and FIFA Club world cup. Pakistani pioneer volunteers constituted a fair share of the Ruwaad Pioneer volunteer program
Pakistani pioneer volunteers encouraged fellow community members to be part of FIFA and supported SC and FIFA in recruiting volunteers for the World Cup Qatar 2022. Pakistani volunteer participation increased from 6% in FIFA arab cup to around 13% in FWC 2022.
Mr Qaiser Anwar Khan explained that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament is rated as the best tournament of the century and surely deserves celebration. From November 20th to December 18th, with 64 matches in 29 days. It was indeed a remarkable event which carried smiles and joy on everyone’s face
More than 1.4 million people visited Qatar during the 29-day event, with a cumulative attendance reaching 3.4 million over the 64 games for an average match attendance of over 53,0000. The certificate distribution was managed by Mr Iram Butt and Mr Faiz.
Mr Jamal Faiz Al Saeedi, Advisor Ministry of Culture; Mr Waheed Ullah Wazeer, Community Attache’, Pakistan Embassy; Mr Riyaz Ahmed Bakali, President Pakistan Engineering Forum. Mr Badar Sohail Khan, Chairman PEF, Distinguished senior community members presented the certificate of appreciation to the Volunteers.
Mr Waheed Ullah Wazeer, Community Attache’, appreciated the Pakistan Engineers Forum and all the volunteers’ support towards the success of mega games. He highlighted the role of several other institutions in Pakistan in providing essential services for the safety and security of games.
In his unique style, Mr Jamal Faiz Al Saeedi , Advisor Ministry of Culture, thanked Pakistan Engineers Forum for utilising the ministry of Culture platform to connect FIFA Worldcup 2022 and extend his support for future programmes. He applauded the rich culture of Pakistan and the presentation of the culture during and in preparing for the FIFA World cup 2022.
Mr Riyaz Ahmed Bakali, president of PEF, presented the shield to create a memory of this event to Mr Jamal Faiz Al Saeedi , Advisor Ministry of Culture, Mr Waheed Ullah Wazeer, Community Attache’, Pakistan Embassy.
In his closing remarks, senior Community leader Ch Mohammed Ajmal thanked all Volunteers, Participants, the Ministry of Culture and the Pakistan Embassy.
A mouthwatering dinner was arranged for the participants by Shan-e-Lahiore restaurant. Mr Ibrahim Zada presented Winter Shawlas to all the cultural performers.
The second segment of the event was a cultural show orchestrated by Dr Kahlil Ullah Shibli. Melodious and classical Pakistani cultural performances mesmerised the audience.
Great singers Tanwir Awan, Hassan Gillani and Jamshed Bajwa performed on the beats produced by Mohammad Akbar Aurakzai Ghulam Hussain. Pakistani classical and cultural numbers kept echoing at Bait Al Sulti till the end of the event.

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